PRB Organization and Members-in-good-standing (MIGS), 2018 Edition

Browse the profiles of members of the Pasig Real Estate Board!

PRB Board of Trustees 2018

PRB Board of Trustees 2018 First row (L-R) Olive Ramos (Education Committee), Ching Lucero (President), Shirley Antonico Second row (L-R) Marilyn E. Lamar, Aida “Dang” S. Lorica Third row (L-R) Atty. Apolonio “Pol” Mayuga, Francisco “Sonny” C. Rivera Jr. (Vice President, Chair, MLS and Sports Committees), Raquel “Quey” Mendoza, Billy Dominguez (Immediate Past President). Not in the picture: Rajesh “Raj” Cordova

To visit their individual profiles, please click on their names in blue.

President: Celina “Ching” F. Lucero

Vice President: Francisco “Sonny” D.C. Rivera Jr.

Secretary: Shirley A. Antonico

Treasurer: Aida “Dang” S. Lorica


Immediate Past President: Gabriel “Billy” V. Dominguez

Secretariat: Arlene Fallarme

Education Committee Chair: Olivia Ramos

Sports Commitee Chair: Francisco “Sonny” C. Rivera, Jr.

MLS Committee Chair: Francisco “Sonny” D.C. Rivera, Jr.


  1. Mikael Manuel
  2. Abigail “Abbey” Angeles
  3. Princess C. Marasigan
  4. Achilles “Archie” B. Ison
  5. Aida “Dang” S. Lorica
  6. Nick Pongos
  7. Lachmi Espino
  8. Karlo Sigrid “Sienna Uy” Torres
  9. Ruth Batican
  10. Pia Lesaca
  11. Dionisio Ang

This list is incomplete. Entries will be updated as soon as details are received.

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