PRB Officers, 2018 Edition

PRB Board of Trustees 2018
PRB Board of Trustees 2018 First row (L-R) Olive Ramos (Education Committee), Ching Lucero (President), Shirley Antonico Second row (L-R) Marilyn E. Lamar, Aida “Dang” S. Lorica Third row (L-R) Atty. Apolonio “Pol” Mayuga, Francisco “Sonny” C. Rivera Jr. (Vice President, Chair, MLS and Sports Committees), Raquel “Quey” Mendoza, Billy Dominguez (Immediate Past President). Not in the picture: Rajesh “Raj” Cordova
  • President: Celina “Ching” F. Lucero
  • Vice President: Francisco “Sonny” D.C. Rivera Jr.
  • Secretary: Shirley A. Antonico
  • Treasurer: Aida “Dang” S. Lorica
  • Trustees:
  • Olivia “Olive” A. Ramos
  • Raquel Bernardita “Quey” M. Mendoza
  • Marilyn “Maleen” E. Lamar
  • Rajesh Michael “Raj” J. Cordova
  • Atty Apolonio “Pol” S. Mayuga

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