Vision and Mission of PRB


The Organization shall be the source of opportunities that will inspire, develop and maintain its Members to be responsive, efficient, successful, productive, ethical, highly-trained, and competent real estate professionals.


Through the collective efforts of its leaders and members, the Organization shall take the lead and be the example in improving the standards of service in the real estate industry, the communities where they belong, and other markets in the global village.

Its Mission shall be promoted and sustained by way of the following:

  • Identifying individuals interested in a career in real estate and endorsing them to become bona fide members of the Organization.
  • Reinforcing the quality and credentials of its members by way of conducting seminars, symposia, conferences and other educational fora on a continuing and sustaining basis.
  • Conducting of continuing research and developmental activities by and between its members to better equip them in their transactional activities in the ever-growing global market.

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