The Organization shall be the source of opportunities that will inspire, develop and maintain its Members to be responsive, efficient, successful, productive, ethical, highly-trained, and competent real estate professionals.


Through the collective efforts of its leaders and members, the Organization shall take the lead and be the example in improving the standards of service in the real estate industry, the communities where they belong, and other markets in the global village.

Its Mission shall be promoted and sustained by way of the following:

  • Identifying individuals interested in a career in real estate and endorsing them to become bona fide members of the Organization.
  • Reinforcing the quality and credentials of its members by way of conducting seminars, symposia, conferences and other educational fora on a continuing and sustaining basis.
  • Conducting of continuing research and developmental activities by and between its members to better equip them in their transactional activities in the ever-growing global market.

About the web site

The administration of this web site is currently under the stewardship of Mikael Manuel, a member of MLS Committee since 2017. Series of meetings were held to make this revamped web site happen. From a free web space, we upgraded the web site to be accessed via a purchased domain.

What is available:

  • Blog menu – to see announcements and post-activity articles
  • Law menu – to see laws and Supreme Court decisions about real estate and related topics
  • MLS menu – to view and encode property listings of bona fide, member-in-good-standing members of Pasig Real Estate Board
  • Projects menu – to view project profiles of various real estate developers
  • Facebook page connectivity
  • Coming soon – view and download legal templates for real estate transactions

What it does not provide:

  • A personal work mail with @pasigrealestateboard.org domain
  • A property portal
  • An author/editor/contributor access to upload articles

Words of encouragement

We hope you like our newly revamped PRB web site! We encourage you to share our articles to Facebook for a wider audience coverage. We encourage you to submit pictures of every event. We encourage you to contribute articles discussing a personal experience doing a real estate transaction. We encourage you to contribute articles discussing committee meetings

A bit of past history

PRB Board meeting at Valle Verde Clubhouse, Pasig

PRB Board meeting at Valle Verde Clubhouse, Pasig

In 2011, the web site is launched to cater to all members to give them the opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences to the community. The following professionals have volunteered to moderate the discussions on the following topics:

  • Atty. Abet Sales – legal matters
  • James Porter – marketing
  • Toto Acosta – PAREB affairs and general interest
  • Mau Garin – news and current events
  • Nick Pongos – NAR and travel
  • Ching Lucero – 20th anniversary celebration events.
Philippine Delegates for the National Association of Realtors Convention 2010

The Philippine delegates to the NARdigras 2010 in New Orleans

The blog was started by Nick Pongos (far left from the picture above), a member of Pasig Real Estate Board. After he attended the National Association of Realtors convention in New Orleans from November 5 to 8, 2010, he was inspired by Dale Chumbley (365 Things to do in Vancouver, Washington), Eric Stegemann, Bill Lublin, Jessica Stoner, Aaron Wheeler, Nicole and Reggie Nicolay to start this blog on real estate.


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