Real Estate Templates in the Philippines

Here are the list of real estate templates that a salesperson or a broker needs in the Philippines. One can download the file, copy the text to Word, and format texts accordingly. This post is continuously updated.

Deed of Absolute Sale

A Deed of Absolute Sale means a legal document that certifies that a sale of a real property has been fully paid by the buyer to the seller. This document might also stipulate some conditions on who might pay what expense. Download the file here:

Special Power of Attorney

A Special Power of Attorney (SPA) is a list of powers given by the grantor to the assigned person who could perform the tasks on behalf. In the following SPA, the grantor gives the authority to the assigned person to transact, request, receive, and pay taxes and fees to various government agencies. If you want to have a custom SPA, you can request it to be drafted by a lawyer, paralegal, or simply identify what an assigned person could do to a specific transaction. Note: Whoever dies between the grantor and the assigned person invalidates the SPA. Download the file here:

Affidavit of One and the Same Person

An Affidavit of One and the Same Person is used when a person uses two or more conflicting names in his/her documents or identification cards. Two disinterested persons that have no interest to a sale of property must execute the affidavit and attach identification documents that contains matches, such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, and any other government issued ID. Download the file here:

Acknowledgment Receipt

An Acknowledgment Receipt is a supplementary document to the Deed of Absolute Sale that is required by the Bureau of Internal Revenue and Registry of Deeds. It must contain the names of buyers and sellers, the property/ies sold, and the amount agreed upon sale. Download the document here:

Petition for Cancellation of Sec. 4 Rule 74 of Rules of Court

The Sec. 4 Rule 74 annotation happens when there are issues or money to be settled by the beneficiary of the deceased from the creditors. If there are other affected parties from the Extrajudicial Settlement that has not been able to participate, they have two years to file case against the persons indicated in the new title. If the two years from entry of annotation of Sec. 4 Rule 74 of Rules of Court has lapsed, this Petition for Cancellation template is available for copy and modification. Download the document here:

LRA-specific documents

The Land Registration Authority, through its Registry of Deeds has available downloadable templates as enumerated below. The files can be downloaded in this link:

  • Checklist of Requirements for Judicial Reconstitution (Both Copy of Title – lost/Office Copy – lost)
  • Petition / Affidavit
    • Deed of Donation
    • Real Estate Mortgage
    • Cancellation or Release of Real Estate Mortgage
    • Deed of Absolute Sale

Free Real Estate Templates from LRA

The Land Registration Authority has provided free real estate templates from their website. It is accesible in this link:

  • Chattel Mortgage
  • Deed of Absolute Sale
  • Deed of Donation
  • Extra Judicial Settlement of Estate with Absolute Sale
  • Extra Judicial Settlement of Estate
  • Information Request Form
  • LRA Registration Application Form
  • Petition for Voluntary Title Standardization Program
  • Special Power of Attorney

Application for Residential Free Patent

Republic Act 10023 or the Residential Free Patent Act is the law that provides rules for land titling for properties that have no titles with lands zoned by local government units as residential, and not for public use. With properties that have only tax declarations, having title enables the person to sell the property in their desired price and enable the community to freely enter the real estate cycle and contribute to the government. For more details, you can read a pamphlet here:

For the application, affidavit, and checklist, you can download it here:

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