Mama Mia, Here I Go Again

The Pasig REALTORS Board (PRB) celebrated its Christmas party last December 6, 2010 at the Valle Verde 1 Clubhouse. One thing that I like with this group is the high level of volunteerism and service orientation of its members. I have been in a number of organizations and have been in the service industry for more than 20 years yet I have to see a group as helpful and as selfless as the members of the PRB.

A good example of this service ethics is Diana delos Reyes: when the Philippine Association of REALTORS Board (PAREB) called for a broadway-oriented presentation for the National Convention, she stepped forward to initiate it. Another member, Toto Acosta, with his experience and resources then took over and developed the idea. Other members who are gifted with talent then completed the group. The volunteers were Dang Lorica, Mau Garin, Ket Santos, Leng Reyes, Manny Florendo, and George Bernares. Hence Mama Mia was presented both at the national convention and the board’s Christmas party this year.

With this presentation, PRB has really something to be proud of. The quality of membership of the board is superb. For me, these examples of service are some of the things that encourage more members to join the organization. This important attribute undoubtly make these Realtors  the number one choice of their clients for their real estate transactions (Diana owns her own realty company, the Metro Asia Estates, Inc. with office at the Mega Plaza, Ortigas Center, Pasig). Sadly she’s leaving us for another board.

One of the main reason why I’m writing this piece is her leaving us. When she’s helping, she encourages a lot of people to do their best. Last May she headed the PRB Team for the PAREB mini-olympics which was held as part of PAREB’s 50th year celebrations. In spite of being a small board, we won third overall.  The Christmas party attendance wouldn’t be much more than last year without her monitoring the confirmed number through her Sun Blackberry. She is also helping in the ongoing Continuing Professional Education program of the board.

I think with her 12 years in the PRB, her contribution would be sorely missed.

Here’s wishing you the best Diana!

What Goes Around, Comes Around

What a wonderful time Christmas season is! Last night we had our Christmas Celebration at a Valle Verde Clubhouse and it was well attended by the members and special guests of the Pasig Realtors’ Board. There was good food and dancing until midnight.  There was also entertainment and lots of beautiful company.

Within the past two years I have witnessed the tremendous growth of the Pasig Realtors Board (with membership doubling). It attracted a lot of well respected people of good standing in the real estate industry. Being with these people makes me very proud of being a Pasig Realtor.

The party preparation was really great. I can’t help but notice the high level of volunteerism and the superb quality of service within the board. For me, this shows the maturity and character of a lot of its members. If I may add, a good example of this volunteerism and selfless service is the work of Ms. Olive Ramos. She not only follows up everyone whenever we have activities, she goes out of her way to serve.

I remember last July, when the licensing of brokers and agents with the DTI were about to expire, she got the much needed documents for the licensing of one of my agents at the McDonald’s parking (of all places)!

Ms. Olive Ramos (center) receiving a PAREB award

Unfortunately this year, Ms. Olive’s brother died and she had to go to Chicago to attend the wake in a very short notice. I happend to be there visiting my family after attending the National Association of Realtors convention in New Orleans. By stroke of luck, even with all the different airline schedules and the choice of different carriers, her flight back to the Philippines happened to be the same as mine.

When we met at the O’Hare airport, we found out that her baggage was overweight by 10 pounds. Since I was travelling lightly, I took the extra pounds and happily muscled her heavy carry-on luggage up the overhead bins. We were seated closely so I took over the lifting.

She was so thankful to God for the coincidence, but she didn’t know that I was more thankful to God for letting me serve her back for her services to us in the board.

Now I know there is really truth to the saying “what goes around, comes around”.

Happy Holidays everyone!