First PRB GMM 2018: A productive, fruitful night

The first general membership meeting held on evening of January 25, 2018 gave the PRB the right introduction to welcoming the year 2018. Held at Max’s Restaurant, West Capitol Drive, Bgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City, the meeting was attended by a blockbuster number of sixty-five (65).




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The event was graced by many past presidents of PRB, current officers, committee heads, members, and new board passers and members. Monthly activities such as networking, dinner, board reporting, greetings to birthday celebrants, and sponsor presentation went well. Some gifts were raffled off to the attendees of the night.

Board of Trustees discusses matters and issues about MLS and professional fee sharing

The Board of Trustees presided by President Celina “Ching” Lucero reported about the achievements of the 2017 leadership that went well. An audio-visual presentation containing pictures of various activities throughout 2017 was shown to the audience.

MLS and professional fee sharing are the special concerns raised in the event. President Ching, through interaction with the audience, reiterated the use of MLS could be used only for direct listings. Furthermore, the majority of the audience agreed on direct listings and prudent professional fee sharing, following the prescribed rule of Philippine Association of Real Estate Boards, Inc. – split 50/50 professional fee sharing.

Landco Pacific and Security Bank joins the night as sponsors

As for the sponsors of the January 2018 GMM, Landco Pacific and Security Bank graced the event. Landco Pacific presented their portfolio of projects in selling. Some members signed up for the project selling of their properties. For more details about their projects, visit their website at

Security Bank is a regular sponsor at PRB as they visited thrice within a year as many members of the board are booking their loan application to them. Presenters discussed about its program and their incentives to be given to the members. For more details about Security Bank Home Loan, visit their website at

PRB MLS Committee introduces itself and its services to the members of the board

The MLS Committee has presented its grand work for the year of 2018. Headed by its chair Francisco “Sonny” Rivera Jr., they presented how can PRB be of better service to the members of the board and the community.

One of its members, Mikael Manuel, introduced the PRB web site, Facebook page and group with its possible contents such as member profile, MLS property exchange, laws, blogs, and others. The committee envisions the better presence of PRB to online and offline community.

Another member of the committee, Abigail Angeles, introduced a new program called PEPTalk! (Professional Enrichment Program) in order to improve the skills of each member through topics to be discussed by a volunteer member of the board. The PEPTalk! encourages sharing of individual experiences to working in real estate practice and real estate developers (through project selling).

Mikael Manuel continued discussion by presenting a new offering of MLS Committee by introducing project selling to the members. A project selling sub-committee shall be under the supervision of MLS Committee where they will extend help to members to make a sale through project selling. The project selling sub-committee will go together with PEPTalk! program once a month. Awards will be given by the project selling sub-committee for every sale reported by the members.

An oath for everyone

Oath taking took place at the end of the event that evening after the introduction of new members, discussion of mission, vision, and core values. A poster containing the oath was passed around for signature. Every member that attended that night signed.

Concluding the night with networking and raffle

As usual, networking is an activity conducted by members by introducing themselves to others, chit-chats and exchange of business cards and contacts.

The night is concluded by having some gifts given by the members raffled to lucky winners. Big winner of the night is Abigail Angeles and her mother, who got Starbucks gift cards.

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